Dr. Mark Dekutoski

If you are wondering why the CORE Institute in Arizona actively sought out Dr. Mark Dekutoski to join them in their quest to better the field of orthopedic surgery, then pay close attention. They were anxious for him to join them due to his unique combination of unparalleled research prowess with his ability to treat patients very well, with an empathic tone and tons of compassion. Everyone who knows him also appreciate Mark Dekutoski’s eagerness to move his profession to the next level by teaching up-and-coming orthopedic surgeons the newest and most effective methods for treating patients, as well as how to make sure those methods are used to assist patients with regaining their health.

Prior to joining CORE, Dr. Mark Dekutoski, MD practiced for some time at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. He was more than a doctor, however, as he also was Chairman of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine for a time. In fact, while there, he also developed their orthopedics curricula. Dr. Dekutoski also has been the Education Committee Chair for the AOSpine North America as well as for the Scoliosis Research Society.