Dr. Mark Dekutoski

Over the years, Dr. Mark Dekutoski has been a researcher, writer, collaborator and a reviewer for many different surgery-related medical journals. However, there is a lot more to his career than that, as he has also spent a lot of time serving as an editor with several of them. Among the most prominent journals he’s been associated with include the Journal of Spine Disorders and also the journal, Spine. In addition, he was once part of the editorial board for the Journal of Current Surgery.

Due to this long period of time researching and overseeing research, and absorbing so much information in the process from his time as a medical professional, Mark Dekutoski has demonstrated a strong tendency to improve the decision-making prowess of many other medical professionals and has played a key role in moving the entire field of orthopedic spinal surgery forward, into the future. These days, Dr. Mark Dekutoski can be found doing seminal research with the CORE Institute in Arizona. They are one of the most prominent and important research facilities in the country and they reached out to him to join them. While his research prowess is considerable, they were equally intrigued by his ability to treat patients with compassion as they were with his eagerness to push the medical profession forward.